Meet the founders

Gustavo Api AKA Gustavinho

Gustavo Api has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Positivo, a specialization degree in Sports Training from UNIP-SP, and another specialization in High-Performance Sports from the Brazilian Olympic Institute – Olympic Committee of Brazil. Currently, he is pursuing his master’s degree in Exercise and Sport at the Federal University of Technology. His current research focuses on set structure organization in resistance training and how that affects sports performance.

Working since 2010 in the Sports and Fitness area, currently, he is a conditioning coach at Santa Mônica Clube de Campo and was a weightlifting coach, where he also participated as an amateur athlete in several competitions at the state level. His favorite topics are Strength Training, Periodization, and Load monitoring in sports. Always looking for more knowledge, learning is never too much.

He loves hanging out with friends while tasting craft beers and also enjoys hitting the gym and lifting some really heavy stuff. You can follow him or get in touch on Instagram and Facebook.

Danilo Arruda AKA Danny

Danilo Arruda is a former athlete and he is a volleyball coach certified by the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV- Level 3). He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education at PUC-PR. He also has a specialization in Sports Training from UNIP-SP and a master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wyoming. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD. at the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on motor-perceptual control and learning.

He has several published peer-reviewed papers investigating performance components in volleyball. His current projects include the perception of affordances in volleyball in the real world and in virtual reality, in which he uses an ecological approach as a theoretical framework. You can visit his research projects here. His favorite topics are perceptual-motor control and learning, perception and action, and sports training.

According to Arruda, “There is a huge gap between science and practice, and my goal as a coach and scientist is to reduce that gap by sharing the science and having a coaching philosophy based on scientific evidence instead of old and bad habits.”

He loves watching good movies, working out, playing volleyball, and hanging out with friends. You can follow him or get in touch on Instagram and Facebook.

Gabriel Nappi AKA Gabs

Gabriel Nappi has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from PUC-PR, in which he was funded by the federal program PROUNI with great pride. He is the winner of the Marcelino Champagnat Award for having the best academic performance in the Physical Education class of 2010. He has a specialization in Personal Training and Pilates. Currently, he works as a gym club coordinator and instructor at Santa Monica Clube de Campo.

He is passionate about science, music, nature, and a smile here and there. You can follow him or get in touch on Instagram and Facebook.